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How to Deal With a Difficult Math Problem

Everyone comes across a tough math problem that looks impossible to solve at least several times in their life. Whether you love math or prefer other subjects, a tough math problem can cause issues for most students. The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs can help you get through a tough question with these easy steps.

Read the Question Carefully

Before you start working on the problem, read the question carefully several times. Be sure you understand what the question is asking for in terms of a result. Look out for units that can let you know whether you're calculating time, distance, or speed among others. Don't forget to look for information that will tell you if your answer should be a whole number, fraction, or decimal.

Rewrite the Question

After you've read the question and are sure you understand it, rewrite it in a less confusing way. Write down important information given in the question that will help you reach an answer, and leave out excess information that may confuse you as you work. You can also create visual representations of the information, such as graphs, charts and diagrams.

Develop a Plan to Get to the Answer

Next, develop a multistep plan that will help you move towards an answer. Decide what equations you will need at each step to move forward. As you finish each step in your plan, stop and check that simple math calculations are correct before moving onto the next.

Take a Break

If you can't seem to get the right answer, don't stress. Take a break from the problem or the assignment altogether. Step away from your desk and take a short walk or grab a snack. Getting stressed and losing your mind will cause you to get stuck and not be able to move forward.

Math Help With Tutoring in Powder Springs, Georgia

Remember that asking for help is always an option when struggling with hard math questions. If extra help is what you need, contact The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs. We are more than happy to help and get you on the right track with our academic programs. Give us a call at (770)222-7133 for more information about our one-to-one tutoring approach and to schedule your free consultation!


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