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Tips to Make Moving to a New School Easier

Starting a new school year can be stressful, but now imagine starting the new school year at a brand new school. It's not hard to imagine why this can be stressful or even downright scary for students. If your child is in this boat, use these tips to make this transition less scary.

Talk About Your Child's Move

Your child may have a lot of feelings about their upcoming move. These feelings may cause them to feel stressed, nervous, and even scared. As a parent, you can put them more at ease by simply listening to their concerns. Let your child talk about everything that is contributing to these negative feelings. Your child may just need someone to listen to them and validate their feelings. If they ask, give them advice, otherwise, simply be available to listen. Always reassure your child that they'll be fine and be sure they know you're always there to listen.

Sign up for Activities

One of your child's concerns may be that they don't have any friends at their new school. It can take a few days or even a couple of weeks for them to find new friends, but there are ways to make this easier. Encourage your child to sign up for activities they enjoy in order to make it easier for them to find other students with similar interests. Not only will they make new friends, but this is also a great way for them to increase their self-confidence.

Think Positively

Oftentimes, big changes like this can bring up negative feelings. Do your best to keep your attitude positive since this can also affect how your child feels. When they bring up negative things that might happen at their new school, turn these around by imagining good things that may come from their move. This type of positive thinking can turn their anxieties into a positive eagerness to start the school year.

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