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Tips to Keep Your Child Interested in School

At the end of the school year, it can be a lot harder for students to stay interested in their lessons. Knowing that summer break is just around the corner can make it harder to concentrate or even care. To keep your child engaged, use these tips.

Change Things Up

Routines are great because they make it easier to stay on top of the long school day, but over time they can get boring. If your child is bored, they can lose interest in their classes fast. To prevent this from happening, change up little bits of their school day. For example, you can take silent reading time outside just to change up their reading environment.

Get Active

If your child's school day consists of them sitting in front of a screen, this can lead to distractions. They can get bored just sitting there, so do your best to make their lessons more interactive. Even if you're practicing simple math lessons, make these more fun. Instead of practicing these on paper, grab some items from around the home that can make the lesson more interactive.

Go Outdoors

Finally, take advantage of the nice weather and take your lessons outdoors. Something as simple as setting up an outdoor workspace can change up your child's workday and make it more fun. You can also practice lessons on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk. Get creative and use the outdoors to your advantage.

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