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Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

Reading can be tons of fun, but it can take some students a bit of time to discover the joy of reading. This summer, encourage your child to read and discover their love for reading. To get them started, check out these summer reading tips.

Reading Challenges

Make reading more exciting by turning it into a bit of a challenge. Instead of just asking your child to read, hold a friendly competition at home. Have each one of your family members set a goal for how many books they want to complete every two weeks. Keep track of everyone's progress with a visual chart at home. By seeing everyone's progress, you can be sure all of your family members will be more motivated to continue reading. At the end of each period, celebrate all the progress everyone has made so motivation remains high.

Practice Reading on Vacation

If you're taking a family vacation this summer, use this to encourage your child to read. If you're heading to another country, have your child research your destination. They can look things up like the currency, language, culture, food, and points of interest. To reward them, allow your child to pick some fun activities or places they think look interesting.

Allow Your Child to Experiment

Many students who don't enjoy reading feel this way because they've never been allowed to read for fun. Instead of assigning your child reading material, allow them to pick what they want to read. Head over to the local library and allow your child to browse freely. Give them time to look for books and other reading material they are interested in so that you can be sure they'll actually read and enjoy it.

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