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Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Back to School

To help your child make their transition back to school easier, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Powder Springs GA.

Establish Routines

Getting back into the habit of going to school can be tough for most students. After a long summer, getting to bed early and waking up on time can prove to be some of the largest struggles for most students. To help your child successfully do both, help them establish a bedtime routine that sees them going to bed on time every night and getting up well rested every morning. Start practicing this routine a few weeks before school starts in order to ensure your child is ready on the first day of classes.

Get Organized

Organization is key for the new school year. A great way to encourage organization is by having your child use a day planner. This tool will help them keep track of daily homework assignments, exam dates, project deadlines, important appointments, and extracurricular activities. To ensure your child gets the best use of their day planner, start them off by writing down important dates together. Once school starts, check that they are writing down homework assignments and completing them daily.

Set School Year Goals

A great way to ensure your child has a successful and productive school year is by having them set goals for the year. Sit down a few days before school starts and ask your child what they would like to accomplish this school year. Whether it's making the soccer team or achieving the highest GPA of their class, come up with a plan to get there. Set short-term goals that will allow them to reach their long-term goals faster.

Tutoring in Powder Springs

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