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How to Help Your Child Finish a Tough Homework Assignment

Children may have a hard time finishing homework assignments for a number of reasons. One of these reasons may be that they just don't get how to do it. If this is the case with your child, do your best to help them successfully complete their homework without getting too frustrated. These simple tips can help you and your child get through any tough assignment.

Follow the Directions

To start, be sure you and your child both understand what the assignment is asking. Are you solving for x,  finding the main idea of a text, or writing a personal statement? Once the instructions are clear, ask your child for the accompanying lesson or notes the teacher used before assigning the homework. Reading through these and looking at examples of similar questions will help you understand how to do the work. Once this is all clear, it's time to get to work.

Look for Extra Help

If you've used the resources your child has to try and work through the homework together but have had no luck, it may be time to look for additional tools. This can mean looking for examples on the internet or having your child call one of their classmates for additional help. As you do this, try not to stray too far from how the teacher taught the lesson since this can add to your child's confusion.

Don't Leave the Room

If you and your child have finally been able to complete part of the homework, allow your child to start working on their own. As they work quietly, be sure to stay in the same room as them just in case they get stuck again. Your nearby presence will let them know that you're ready and able to help should they need your assistance again.

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