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How to Choose a College Major

One of the most daunting things about starting college is choosing a major. Plenty of students can get overwhelmed just thinking about this because they think it will determine the rest of their life. To help your child make this decision without getting stressed out, use these tips.

Identify Your Child's Interests

If your child doesn't have a major in mind yet, it can help to first focus on what their interests are. Have your child list their favorite hobbies and classes to figure out what majors make the most sense with their interests. After this, look into what careers your child can have as a result of these majors. They may find something they really like and can look forward to studying.

Plan a Career Path

For some students, it can be easy to pick a career, but they may be lost as to how to get there. In these cases, start by looking into their career of choice and then look into how people in the field got there. In many cases, there isn't just one path they can take, so it's worth exploring different majors and even graduate degrees that will get them closer to their career goals.

One Step at a Time

Finally, some students may feel pressured into picking a major they don't want or into picking a major before they're sure. Avoid pressuring your child during this time. Keep in mind that they can enter college undeclared and make their final choice later on. This won't put them at a disadvantage so let them figure this out without causing them more stress.

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