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Reading Components to Practice With Your Child

In order for your child to be a skilled reader, they will need to put together a number of reading components successfully. To help your child become a great reader be sure they're able to master all of these skills.

Start With Phonics

Phonics focuses on a student's ability to recognize letters and relate them to the sounds they stand for. Young children can benefit from practicing identifying letters and then learning what sound they make. After successfully doing this, the next step is to put letters together to form words. Focusing on phonics can help your child learn to read and form simple as well as more complex words, identify suffixes, and break down words. These skills all together will ensure your child is a great reader.

Increase Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension can be a bit tricky for some students because it requires a bit of multitasking. This skill requires that your child is able to read the words in a book while also processing the information they're reading. They should be able to communicate the main idea of a text and answer questions related to the text. To test your child's reading comprehension skills, ask them questions related to their reading.

Reach Reading Fluency

Students who struggle with reading fluency usually aren't fond of reading out loud or in front of people. Without reading fluency, your child may not be able to read at the correct pace, with the correct expression, and may have trouble understanding what to do with punctuation. Help them practice their reading skills at home and enroll them in tutoring for some extra help.

Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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