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Keep Your Child Learning While Traveling This Summer

If you're planning a fun and adventurous summer getaway for you and your family this summer, why not turn it into a great learning opportunity? Although your child won't be going to school over the summer, traveling is a great way to provide them with practical life lessons they can use forever.

Research Your Destination

Once you have chosen your summer destination, have your children research where you're going. Using the information they research, have them put together a presentation to prepare the family for the trip. Ask them to include popular restaurants, locations, and attractions that will interest everyone. If you're traveling abroad, be sure to also include languages spoken and other cultural aspects to help you prepare for the new setting.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language has many benefits that everyone can enjoy. If you're traveling overseas this summer, find out what languages are spoken in the areas you are visiting. Before you depart, encourage your children to learn phrases in the native language that will be useful as you travel. To keep your child motivated, involve the whole family in the language learning practice. Remember that you can use language books, applications on your tablet, and even music or movies to explore languages.

Life Lessons

As you travel, encourage your child to take charge for a day. Allowing them to take care of the itinerary is a great way to help them learn time management skills. Offer your help and suggestions through the day to prevent them from getting frustrated or overwhelmed. You can also encourage your child to learn budgeting skills by providing them an allowance for the day, but help them spend wisely.

The Best Tutoring in Powder Springs

After a fun trip this summer, remember that The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs can help your child get back into their academic routine. To avoid the summer slide, be sure they put their academic knowledge to use over their summer break. Be sure to check out our academic programs and choose the one that best suits your child's needs. Give us a call at (770)222-7133 for more information or to schedule your free consultation!


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