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"When" we study can have a huge impact on how much we learn and as a result, how well we do on our tests. For this reason, the following post will share a few tips so you can identify what is the best time to study for you (whether it’s daytime or nighttime).

How to Find the Best Time to Study

You’re Not Hungry or Tired

If you’ve ever tried to focus on studying when you’re too hungry and/or tired, then you know it’s practically impossible. If you want to find the best time to study in, make sure that it’s at a moment in which your body and mind are rested and nourished so you can learn.

You’re Not Overly Energetic

Believe it or not, having too much energy can also be detrimental to your study efforts. If you feel like you want to jump around, you may not be able to sit down and study. If you are too hyper, run around for a few minutes, until you feel ready to concentrate on learning.

You Won’t Be Distracted

If you’re easily distracted when it’s too quiet, then the best time to study isn’t at night, alone, in your room. Likewise, if your attention is swayed when there’s people around, then the best time for you isn’t at school during the day. Find what works for you so you can focus.

You’ll Have What You Need to Study

Once you know what your preferred way to study is (and the one that works best for you), it’s easier to find the right time for it. For example, if you learn better when you study with your peers, then it’s best if you study during the day or afternoon, so you can get together with them.

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