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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, otherwise known as ADHD is a disorder affecting 28% of the children between the ages of 3 and 17 years old. Yes, that means that over 6 million children in the US are diagnosed with ADHD. If you are in the process of raising a child with ADHD it is important that you know you are not alone, and there are numerous resources out there just for you. Here at The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs, we offer a tutoring program designed to capture and keep the attention of all learners, including those with ADHD. Today, we would like to provide some steps for you to try at home, if you are beginning to feel the difficulties of engaging a child with ADHD. 

Routine and Structure

We know that all children benefit from routine and structure. However, due to ADHD making it more difficult to exhibit self-control and focus, it is absolutely essential for children with ADHD to have external controls. Clearly stating what is expected of them, and when, will help them to develop these skills. 

Healthy Living

It is essential that you and your child maintain a healthy lifestyle. Given your example, it will be easier for your child to adapt to healthy choices of his/her own. Let us start with three healthy living habits you and your child can practice.

Exercise and Play

A healthy amount of physical activity is crucial to the well-being of you and your child. Physical activity that is enjoyed will help to activate not only the body, but also promote mental health.   

Eating Well

A balanced diet, low in sugar, will help improve brain activity and brain health.

Sleeping Well

It is not simply a matter of how much you or your child should sleep, which will vary based on activity level and age, but also about how you or your child sleep best. This is based largely on preference. You should know what your personal preferences are, as well as asking your child when he or she sleeps best. Is it better that the room is completely dark? Quiet? Does he or she prefer sleeping with a nightlight or a fan in the room, providing noise?

Don’t become flustered if it takes a while for your child to catch on. It takes a few weeks of constant reinforcement for habits to form. Stick with it! You might find that your child still needs some extra attention in an academic area, and that is what we at The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs can absolutely assist you with. To find out more about our programs and our special tutoring methods, contact us at (770) 222-7133.


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