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Summer Activities to Help Your Teen Get Ahead

The summer months provide a much-needed break from academics for all students, no matter their age. However, just because your child is on a break from school doesn't mean they can't use this time to their academic benefit. If your teen is in high school and looking forward to college, the summer provides a time to get ahead and really impress admissions departments. Encourage them to partake in the following activities or others they think will make them stand out when applying to college.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Help your child find a volunteer opportunity in an organization that fits their likes and needs. For example, if your child is looking forward to being a doctor someday, encourage them to look for opportunities volunteering in a hospital or with a doctor. While it's fine to allow your child to sleep in sometimes during their break, ensure that they take their volunteering seriously.

Find a Summer Job

A summer job will help your teen learn about responsibility and will allow them to develop some independence as they start to make their own income. This real world preparation will help in the long run, especially if your child is planning to move away for college. Admissions officers will also be impressed by your child's initiative and commitment to their work. Help your child find job openings and fill out job applications together for more real world lessons.

Go On Campus Tours

If your child is looking forward to applying to college soon, take them on college campus tours in your area. If you have younger children in your family, campus tours also work as a great motivator to continue doing well in school as they work their way to college. Be sure to talk to admissions officers about entrance requirements and visit dorms and other areas that interest your child. For an extra special treat, take your child to their dream school.

Tutoring in Powder Springs

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