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When winter break comes around, we know that it’s common to have a grand list of things to accomplish and that, since your child isn’t in school, it may be easy to forget about education for a while and focus on fun. It’s important to remember to continue encouraging your child in academic pursuits, even during breaks. Of course, you can certainly make this a fun process. The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs would like to provide you with a few ideas to help encourage your child to continue enjoying learning over the holiday break. 

You can always consider starting a new tradition with your children. One in which, perhaps, your family plays a specific educational board game together. You can make it fun for the whole family. 

If your child is in need of some extra math practice, consider allowing him or her to help you cook. Helping you measure out ingredients, for example, involves both math practice and reading. 

For writing practice, and a lesson in gratefulness, sit down with your child to write thank you notes to those who gave him or her presents, or simply spent some time with your child over the break. 

Bundle up and go outside for a bit of nature exploration with your child. Point out the winter foliage, or lack thereof, and discuss the weather patterns with your child. Not only will this provide some quality time spent alone with your child, it will also provide you with an opportunity to see what your child knows about nature. 

Encouraging your child to keep a journal brings many benefits. It’s a good way for them to express themselves as well as to practice their writing and penmanship.

Although these are very simple suggestions, you’ll find they are a great way to be able to continue with the list of things you need to get done while including your child and ensuring he or she has an educational and fun experience over holiday break. It is possible that you’ll discover a particular area in which your child excels, as well as finding places where he or she is in need of assistance. Should that be the case, remember The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff ready to help. For tutoring in Powder Springs, or to schedule a free academic assessment, contact us at (770) 222-7133.


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