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How to Get Your Child to Go to Sleep on Time

For some reason, children resist going to bed on time even if it means they'll have a tougher time the next day. If you can't seem to get your child into bed in a timely manner, use these tips to make bedtime less of a struggle.

Set a Bedtime for Electronics

For many students, putting down their tablet and turning off the television can be a lot to ask. However, the artificial light that comes from these sorts of electronic devices can negatively affect your child's sleep. Not only can this make it harder for them to fall asleep, but it can also interfere with their sleep quality. To ensure they get the best sleep and are able to doze off at a decent hour, set a bedtime for your child's electronics that is at least one hour before theirs.

Focus on Relaxation, Not Sleep

If your focus is on just getting your child into bed and asleep, this may not be effective. Instead, focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere that will help your child fall asleep. Instead of pushing them into bed and forcing them to sleep, focus on performing relaxing activities that will help your child wind down and get to sleep without pressure.

Create a Sleep Environment

In some cases, your child may not be eager to go to bed because sleeping is a challenge. If your child's bedroom doesn't make it easy to fall asleep, then they won't look forward to it. Make sure their room is dark enough for them to sleep, a comfortable temperature, and comfortable. Be sure your home is quiet during their sleep hours so that their sleep isn't interrupted.

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