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How to Make Homework Time a Breeze

Most students don't look forward to doing homework, so it's no surprise it can take them quite a while to get it done. In fact, sometimes that act of just getting started can take forever to work up to. To help your child be more efficient when it comes to homework, use these tips.

Set up a Study Space

Creating a study space in your home can help your child be more productive. Look for a well-lit space in your home that doesn't get too much foot traffic and set up their space there. Give your child a desk, a chair, and all the supplies they need to complete their homework and studying. This will help them avoid distractions that make them lose time as they look for something as small as an eraser.

Schedule Homework Time

Creating a homework schedule can make it easier for your child to get their work done every day. Ideally, your child's homework time should start at the same time daily so that it turns into a habit that is easy to jump into. In order to prevent their homework from cutting into their sleep time, schedule homework time before dinner. This will help cut down on stress and ensure they get enough sleep every night.

Patience and Positivity

Your child may need help with their homework occasionally, so stay close enough so that they can ask for it when needed. If your child is having a hard time understanding their assignments, avoid getting frustrated no matter how many times you have to explain an assignment to them. Be patient and maintain a positive attitude so that they don't develop negative feelings towards their homework.

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