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Having clean, clear, and organized notes can really improve your grades significantly since you won’t have to waste precious study time wondering where everything is or what you meant when you wrote that!

If you’re having a little bit of trouble in the note-taking department, The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs has a few helpful tips, so you can do better with them!

How to Take Notes Correctly


You should classify your notes by subject and even have different notebooks or folders for them. This way, you won’t have to hunt down your notes when you should be studying.

Label Appropriately

Every page should have the date and the title of the topic that’s being discussed! Again, this will help you stay organized when exam week comes around!

Write it All

Make sure to write all the important information down, so you have good references of what was taught in class. This also means that you should be explicit with your notes and explain as much as possible in them.

Make it Comprehensible

Hurrying to get all the information can result in you writing incomplete sentences or ending up with scribbles that kind of look like letters. Try to use your best penmanship and grammar!

Stand Out!

Use colors, highlighters, or other methods to fully accent the key pieces of information in your notes! This will help you pay close attention to them when you’re studying.

Keep it Clean

Avoid scratches, smudges, and other dirtiness in your notes. They can make your notes look disheveled and may stress you out when it’s time to re-read them.

If You Need Assistance…

If you find that even after you’ve stepped up your note-taking game, you’re still having some trouble understanding the lessons, a tutor may be able to help you out!

Here at The Tutoring Center, we have a team of expert tutors in Powder Springs that are eager to help you do better in school and actually learn all those important lessons! Call (770) 222-7133 to get started!


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