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How to Develop Better Study Skills

If your child doesn't perform as well as you know they can when it comes to tests, they may just need help developing their study skills. To help them strengthen these skills, check out these simple tips.

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

Students who wait until the night before their exam to start studying will have a harder time for a number of reasons. The stress that comes with studying can make it hard to focus, meaning their cramming is useless. Students who cram also tend to stay up all night, losing precious sleep. This will leave them tired, groggy, and unable to focus during their test. To prevent all of this, have your child study their lessons daily. They will be better prepared for an exam and even pop quizzes.

Select Study Material Carefully

Not all study material is good enough when preparing for tests. If your child's notes are sloppy or inaccurate, they won't be helpful and may be a waste of time. A textbook is a good source, but your child may waste time reviewing lessons that won't be included in the test if they don't have a study guide. For the best study material, teach your child to take effective notes, develop a study guide, and encourage them to use old homework assignments and exams to prepare.

Understand Learning Styles

Your child's study techniques should be useful to them. Oftentimes, students will try to use methods they see others using, but these may not be the best for their learning style. Identify your child's learning style and then try out different study methods that work well with these types of learners. You may notice some work well and others, not so well. Don't get discouraged, this will help your child refine their study methods for future exams.

Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

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