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If you have noticed that your child is stressed out or made anxious easily, while it is possible that he or she has a more serious anxiety disorder, it is also possible that there are some at home remedies you can use to help ease or cure the issue altogether. Try initiating these SEVEN steps at home first, to see how your child progresses.

Remind your child that Nobody is Perfect! You can do this by pointing out your own mistakes, letting your child know that even you mess up sometimes and that is OK. Making mistakes and learning from them is part of the human experience. 

Face Your Fears as you allow your child to face theirs. We know that it is difficult not to do things for your child, specifically when he or she is afraid, but encourage your child to try things on his or her own. 

Stay Calm! Your children watch you, and look to adults to determine how they should react to any given situation. By staying calm, you are providing that example for your child. 

Relax with your child. Plan activities you know your child finds relaxing. Think simply-lay in the hammock, read a book, pick flowers, garden, get creative and find something relaxing your child will enjoy. 

Stay Positive by focusing on the good in each situation. Just as a child will watch your reaction, they will sense and respond likewise to your positivity. 

Encourage Health! Eating well, exercising, and getting the appropriate amount of sleep can drastically decrease the amount of stress and anxiety in your child’s life. 

Allow your child to Express Anxiety. If you can see that your child is already stressed by a situation, stop, and allow your child to express their anxiety. When they express that they are anxious, do not respond with “no you are not.” Respond instead, by asking them why? What can you do to help them? Let them talk it out. 

If after following these steps you see that your child still has a high stress or anxiety level, you may wish to seek professional help. For assistance with academic related stress specifically, your child may benefit from a dedicated tutor. If you are in Powder Springs and would like to know more about what The Tutoring Center can do for you and your child, give us a call at (770) 222-7133.


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