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Summer is finally here and it’s the chance to assess the academic achievement of your children. Either if they are falling behind their class or they are doing good at school, there is always a way that to improve their study abilities.  

Having a study schedule can help your children to organize and make the school’s demands less stressful. At The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs, we tell you how to create a study schedule.

Just remember these steps:

Set Goals

Sit with your children and set realistic goals for a school year, like getting an A in math or a B+ in English. Remember that you should write them down. It’s very important to set short-term goals and the plans to achieve them.

Consider the Available Time

Remember that your children have limited time and they should make good use of it. Observe how they spend their time after school. That way, you will know how much time they have to study. Remember that school should always be their number one priority.

Create your Schedule 

Now that you know how much time there’s available, use a calendar or daily planner to visualize each day. Prioritize the subjects that demand extra attention and allow some time for short breaks. Keep in mind that the schedule should be flexible in case there is an unexpected event.

Stick to the Plan

Encourage your children to follow the schedule and make sure they have a good study environment. Remember that consistency is very important to create solid study habits.

Summer is a great opportunity to prepare for the next school year, especially if the results of  your children weren’t as you expected.

Don’t forget that The Tutoring Center has a “Study Skills Enrichment Program” that was created to provide the abilities and strategies your children need for a great academic achievement. Think about us the next time you are looking for tutoring in Powder Springs.

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