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Tech Terms to Teach Your Child

We are living in a digital age, and it is likely that your child is teaching you these vocabulary words already. In case she is not, here is a list of technology terms your child should know to introduce her for the world of computers.
  • Browser - A program used to browse files.  A web browser, like Firefox or Chrome, browses internet files.
  • Caret or Insertion Point - The small blinking line that shows you where your next typed letter or number will go.
  • Download - The process of copying something from another computer or the Internet, and saving it onto your computer.
  • FAQ - The abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Homepage - This is the first page you see when you open your web browser.  You can make any website your homepage.
  • Logon - Providing a certain name or code and password to gain access to a computer, program, or files.
  • Right click - A right click on the mouse will provide you with a menu of options to choose.
  • Software - A program designed to do perform various tasks. All the information code stored on your computer's hard drive are software.
  • URL - The internet address of documents and resources on a webpage.
  • Wallpaper - A picture or design on your desktop for decoration.

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