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Brain Food for Students

If you're looking for different ways to boost your child's academic performance, don't forget to pay attention to their diet. While studying and getting plenty of sleep will be very helpful, what your child eats can also affect their academics. Not sure what to feed your child for better focus or concentration? This post can help.

Antioxidant Rich Snacks

Snacks rich in antioxidants are a great addition to any student's after school routine. Colorful fruits and vegetables tend to be packed with antioxidants, and they're not hard to incorporate into any student's meals. Antioxidants are known to boost concentration and memory, helping your child stay focused and alert. Blueberries are a great antioxidant rich snack, but citrus fruits are a great alternative.

Leafy Greens

Your child may not be fond of leafy greens, but they're an absolute must for everyone. Beyond the antioxidants they offer, leafy greens are also a great source of B vitamins. They will help your child's memory, focus, and alertness. Keep in mind that the greener a leaf, the better it will be.

Plenty of Water

Finally, hydration is key when it comes to brain functions. Drinking plenty of water can help your child keep headaches away while also helping them stay alert and focused. Your child will be able to think faster and more creatively when they are well hydrated. Instead of giving them a sugary drink with their after-school snack, give them a refreshing glass of water.

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