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Begin, Go forward, Change, Repeat

Whether your child is a seasoned pro or a newbie to the process of grade progression, change can be new and exciting, even a little scary. Check out these tips from The Tutoring Center of Powder Springs to make your child’s transition from summer to a new grade seamless.

Physical Challenges 

After months of fun in the sun, waking up early, sitting quietly for long periods of time and listening to direction may feel strange to your child. Keep summer break bedtime the same or near the school day bedtime hour. Your child won’t have to reset his/her internal clock and will be well rested for the longer class days ahead. To ease your child’s return to taking instruction from his/her teachers, sign up for summer tutoring and academic enrichment programs from The Tutoring Center of Powder Springs. Their one-to-one instruction will keep your child in tune with teaching techniques.

Emotional Transition

Children will face a different and perhaps, more structured setting, new teachers, and new expectations in the coming academic year. To decrease your child’s stress and anxiety level, look into summer orientation at your child’s school. Knowing and seeing what to expect will give your child confidence to face the coming school year.

The Social Network

Social challenges may include establishing new social connections. Your child’s friends may be in different classes from him/her. Encourage and reassure your child. Making new friends, as well as keeping current friends, is part of growing up and becoming more independent.

Academic Adjustments

Balancing school, family, and friends may take some maneuvering on you and your child’s part. Reinforcing a schedule and routine throughout summer will make this juggling act easier come fall. To better assist your child with their study skills and time management in the new year, enroll them in reading, writing and math programs (such as “Geniuses in Training”) offered by The Tutoring Center of Powder Springs.

Seasons change and so do the school years. As summer turns to fall, you can ensure your child has the tools he/she needs to not only excel but enjoy the new semester. Let The Tutoring Center of Powder Springs help by calling 720-222-7133 for your free diagnostic assessment today!


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