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As a parent of a growing child, we are sure you know the importance of providing vitamin and nutrient rich food for your active young one. We also understand that with time constraints or perhaps a more selective eater on your hands, you may find it hard to provide the best nutrition on a daily basis. It is with that in mind that The Tutoring Center in Powder Springs would like to share FIVE superfoods for active children, and suggestions to prepare them for either breakfast or lunch and dinner times. . Keep in mind that these options can be easily hidden in more traditional food, and many of them are easy and quick to cook as well!

Eggs contain just about every vitamin possible and are a great source of protein as well. 
You already know the versatility of eggs in the morning. Omelettes, scrambled, the list goes on. 
Lunch and Dinner
You can add eggs to a pasta and make a delicious Carbonara dish. 

Spinach contains an astonishing amount of iron, along with other vitamins. It is also delicious and easy to cook with. 
Trying adding it to your omelet or make a delicious breakfast burrito with eggs, ham, cheese, and spinach.
Lunch and Dinner
You can add spinach to your pasta, quesadillas, and of course boil or saute it to eat as a side on its own. 

Avocados are excellent in fighting constipation, as they contain so much fiber. So, with that in mind, don’t feed your child too much avocado in the morning when they need to go to school. 
You might slice up avocado and put it beside eggs or other hearty breakfast meals. You could also add it to a smoothie. It provides an excellent texture without changing the flavor much. 
Lunch and Dinner
The main ingredient in Guacamole is avocado and you don’t need much else. A bit of salt, lime, tomato, and onion if you desire. You can use sliced peppers and cucumbers instead of chips to make for an excellent dip. It is also a great complement to quesadillas. 

Yogurt, as it is dairy, is of course a great source of calcium to help your child grow strong bones and healthy teeth. Though it may be more traditionally viewed as a breakfast food or snack, we have some other suggestions for you as well. 
Add your child’s favorite fruit, granola, and perhaps even honey, to create an excellent and filling breakfast option. 
Lunch and Dinner 
Yes it can be used as a complimentary snack, but there are also several sauces you can use yogurt to make. You may make a veggie dip with yogurt or a side to complement a spicey curry dish, for example. 

As you are experimenting with these foods, looking for the best options for your child, we certainly hope that you find some new favorites as well. Remember that your child looks up to you, and will be a lot more likely to get excited about eating well, when you are excited too. 

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