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Stop Homework Procrastination

Students tend to have a lot of after-school commitments, making it easier for your child to blow off homework for something more fun. While they may not think this is a big deal, it can take a toll on their learning. Instead, ensure your child gets their homework done daily and at a reasonable time with these tips.

Create a Homework Schedule

If your child has a hard time just getting started on their homework, setting a homework routine can help. Have your child start their homework at the same time every day so that they get used to doing this daily. Over time, this will become natural for your child, ensuring homework is never ignored. Remind your child to start their homework time by creating a to-do list so that they have an easier time keeping track of everything that needs to get done.

Accountability and Rewards

If your child makes plans to do a lot but gives up halfway through, they may need some help staying accountable and motivated. Remind them that their successes, as their failures, are a result of what they do or don't do. If they can't stay motivated, sharing their daily to-do list, including their homework assignments, with a friend can help them stay on top of their goals. If they need another little push, teach them to set rewards for the goals they complete, such as more video game time for completing an assignment before it's due.

Break Down Large Assignments

Large projects and assignments can be quite intimidating for students. Oftentimes, students will ignore these until they absolutely must get done. By this point, there's hardly any time left, leaving your student to rush through it. Instead, help your child break these larger assignments down into smaller chunks that are less intimidating. As they progress, make sure they see how well they're doing so that they feel motivated to keep going.

Academic Tutoring in Powder Springs GA

If your child could use some extra help completing their homework, tutoring in Powder Springs is a great option. Enroll your child in one of the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Powder Springs GA and see their love of learning increase. Learn all about these programs by giving their learning center a call at (770) 222- 7133.


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